Brain Training

Athletes from every sport participate in study hall so Academic Advisor Stig Jantz can make sure they are staying on the path to transfers, graduation, and scholarships. 

We're in this together, just like on the fields, courts, mats, tracks, and diamonds.

Additional Brain Training Resources

Bakersfield Athletics is a PART of Bakersfield College, not the other way around; and if you've been impressed with our facilities and coaches so far, just want until you meet the folks who are totally committed to growing your brain and future earning power!

The Tutoring Center, Writing Center and Math Hub are full of people who can give you the extra training you need to excel in any subject FOR FREE. Just ask! 

Student Success Support Program & Services is the All-Star Team that helps us send many Student Athletes on to the four-year schools of their dreams! They have at least one former NFL player to their credit..Tyronne Crawford.