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Memorial Stadium Track & Field Revitalization


The field surface and track surface at the Bakersfield College Memorial Stadium have deteriorated over the last few years and are in need of major renovation or replacement in the near future. The objective of the Revitalization campaign is to provide a facility that meets the needs of Bakersfield College Athletics programs along with providing a community facility that can be used to attract State and Regional competitions, along with other performance/entertainment options.

Venue Potential
Memorial Stadium is the only outdoor venue that has a large capacity in the entirety of Bakersfield. The need for such a location is in high demand and with a converted, multi-use surface on the field, it will allow for many different events to take place on the Bakersfield College campus. With the buzz of the project, we have already had contact with CIF Football Championships, KHSD football, multiple NCAA Division I and USATF officials for the use of our facility. Other organizations that might be interested include MLS Soccer, US Soccer, and state and/or national youth soccer, football, and track championships, not to mention becoming the most attractive outdoor concert venue in the area.

Building on Success
Bakersfield College has already begun to strengthen its identity. Through television commercials, the Athletics TV show, new Bakersfield College Athletics logo, 2012 Football State championship decals, Renegade gear which can be seen all over town, and the print/web/radio/television “airtime”, Bakersfield College is expanding its brand throughout the community. Now it is time to roll out a campaign that reaches not only students, faculty, and staff on campus, but alumni far and wide, as well as members throughout this great community. 
Memorial StadiumThe “new” identity campaign is “I’m a Renegade” spearheaded by President Sonya Christian, Chancellor Sandra Serrano, Mayor Harvey Hall, and Congressman Kevin McCarthy. This campaign is to recognize and celebrate ANYONE who has ever taken a class at Bakersfield College; graduated from Bakersfield College; worked full-time, part-time, or volunteered at Bakersfield College; attended a sporting event to support a fellow Renegade; or had a family member in any of those capacities. We are all RENEGADES!
Bakersfield College launched part one of this campaign on February 3, 2013 with the first installment of “I’m a Renegade” with Mayor Hall’s picture in the Bakersfield Californian (our very own Super Bowl ad). There are to be three more “ads” to go out in consecutive Sunday issues of the Bakersfield Californian starting February 17, 2013. The next goal is to start a television ad campaign with the “I’m a Renegade” commercial. This will also be mirrored in El Popular and Telemundo.
This campaign has a dual purpose. One, to provide the financial resources needed to improve the facilities at Bakersfield College. Secondly, to serve as a building block for community pride. To be a Renegade is to be proud of Bakersfield and the history that has shaped it. The “I’m a Renegade” slogan will reach far beyond this campus; the Renegade Tradition is worldwide. It is time for our campus to stand up in unison and proclaim our identity in this community, an identity that upholds the tradition, builds upon greatness, and celebrates the Renegade Legacy.

Project Scope
Click here to View the Projected LayoutBakersfield College is looking to join the likes of Fresno State University, University of Oregon, Stanford University, USC, University of Texas, Ohio State University, and the list goes on. With the surfaces (both field and track) Bakersfield College is projected to install, we join the class of facilities of the afore mentioned institutions. The Revitalization of Memorial Stadium will truly be a "game changer" for the Bakersfield community. 

The Revialization of Memorial Stadium will allow for multiple sports/events to be held within the confines of our majestic stadium. The projected sports are (but not limited to): Soccer, Football, Rugby, Lacrosse, and Track & Field. Here is a brief list of some of the projected changes:

Main Field Renovation

  • Removal of existing grass field
  • Installation of synthetic grass (FieldTurf “Revolution” Infill System)
  • Exterior Soccer lines
  • Football Goal Posts
  • Heat sensors
  • Water cannon system (for cooling of surface)
  • Complete drainage system under the surface
  • Grooming equipment
Track Renovation
  • Removal of existing track and runways
  • Installation of new 9 lane track, runways, “D” zone areas (Atlas/Beynon 1000 Full Pour System)
  • Javelin runway
  • Shot Put ring (2)
  • Discus ring
  • Trench Drain (Inside lane of track)
  • “D” zone curbing
  • Outside track curbing
  • Pole Vault box, Long Jump and Triple Jump sand pits (with covers)
  • Electrical work for timing system

The legend continues. You can be a part of Bakersfield history.
As one of the great arenas that still provides a majestic feel as you pass through its gates, Memorial Stadium is on its way to becoming one of California’s most sought after venues.
The Revitalization of Memorial Stadium will bring synthetic grass and a new track surface, allowing Bakersfield to once again be the destination for large events.

If you would like to be a part of the change, please call Sandi Taylor, the Athletic Director for details at 661.395.4266 and mention the Memorial Stadium Track and Field Revitalization.

Go Gades!!