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Morales takes the ball away from defender
Gregory Cook / The Renegade Rip
Flying High: Women's Team Just One Win Away
By Esteban Ramirez
Sports Editor / The Renegade Rip

February 15, 2012

The season for the Bakersfield College women’s basketball team was filled with a promising start and an exciting run for the Western State Conference title.

The women’s team currently has a 15-12 record and 7-3 in conference play. They also have gone undefeated at home in the regular season for the first time ever. Their play at home and throughout the year is what has them on the verge of a conference title.

“I’m happy that we’re first in the conference, but I’m a lot happier that the team is playing hard and everybody’s all in toward that goal,” said BC coach Paula Dahl.

The team has gone through some tough situations, like losing both forward Madison Tarver and forward Gabi Morales. Despite all the barriers, they still have found a way to keep winning consistently.

 “I thought everyone has done great this year because we’ve had many troubles and tribulations, but we never quit,” she said.BC started the season with 4-1 record, but they hit a speed bump during the winter break. During the break they were only able to post a 6-6 record and a 10-7 overall record. Then they started their conference schedule and got back to their winning ways.“I’m just impressed by my kids. This year is so exciting because it’s coming down to the last game of the season,” said Dahl. “Even when we’ve had injuries our bench has come in and stepped up. There’s no let down when the subs come in, and that’s why we’re the epitome of team basketball.

A moment that signifies the camaraderie is during the game against L.A. Valley when BC let the Cougars get back in the game, and Dahl called a timeout.

“I challenged them to pick it up, and I said ‘There’s no tomorrow, there is only today’ and they took care of it,” she said.

“I’m happy the way they have been working hard and the fact that we’re in first makes it even better. We play as a team, we give it our all and no matter what we never give up. This season has been phenomenal and we’re an exciting team to watch. As long as we just continue to play hard and take every game at a time we will be fine.”

If BC wins their final game at West L.A. on Feb. 18, then they will win the conference title even if Canyons wins.