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BC Cheer Tryouts 2021

What will tryouts look like this year?

Tryout week: May 17th-May 21st, 2021

Tryouts this year will take place virtually. This means everything will be taught and submitted electronically. Each eligible participant will download the BAND app, and find our “class” titled, “BC CHEER TRYOUTS 2021”. (If downloading an app is not an option for you, we will provide another way, must contact coach)  Once you are in the class on BAND app, there is a checklist and clinic schedule.  All video tutorials, your submissions and requirments will be fulfilled there! 

Who is eligible to tryout and what are the requirments?

-Graduating seniors, current or incoming Bakersfield College students

-Have a current 2.0 GPA (or passing)

-Plan to be a full time BC student for the 2021-2022 school year

-Commit to the team for the duration of the entire season (May 2021-May 2022)

-Have ability to purchase your uniform and pay camp fee (fundraising available!)

-Cheer IS a PHED class, if you make the team, you are required to be registered in our class. Class is Tuesday/Thursdays, 1:00-2:25pm Fall/Spring semester. 

Summer semester will begin 6/14/2021, and the times are still TBA.

-Turn in application, transcripts, answer an interview question and send in your 2 videos of material learned ALL before Friday, May 22nd at 11:59pm

Tryout Steps:

STEP 1: Download BAND app, find and add “BC Cheer Tryouts 2021”

STEP 2: Sign in by commenting your name and email address on the “Sign in” post! 

STEP 3: Fill out Cheer Application.

STEP 4: Unoffical Transcripts. (photo/screen shot of transcripts will work)

STEP  5: Send application and transcripts in private chat to Coach PRIOR to sending videos. 

STEP 6: Learn the material during clinic week.

STEP 7: Send 2 videos in on BAND app, private chat to coach. (before May 22nd, 11:59pm)  


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Bakersfield College Cheer Team Roster 

Lesaybre Salim, Elaynie Delarmente, Aanesty Mellor, Shelby Moore, Samantha Rojas, Jada Brown, Courtney Williams, Abby Phillips, Reyna Ruiz, Emmie Butterworth, Rebecca Reiner, Sarah Kimbrough, Mia Larroque, Ariana Martinez, Kiarra Sanders, Aaliah Henry, Bella Hackler, Kaysie Fernandez, Tea Orr, Bleu Faz, Mia Marchini, Natalie Azevedo, Sydnee Stowers, Brianna Alvarez, Skye Rodine, Ayana Cordova, Cat Rios, Savannah Parra, Jennifer Dowdy, Emma Patterson, Kenidee Brogden, Gabriela Cornelius, Desirae Morales, Samone Cisneros, Kamryn Jacinto, Chelsie Rodriguez, Meagan Garza, Myka Steele, Moriah Campbell, Alexa Trevino, Angel Hernandez, Karlee Nelson



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To inquire about becoming a sponsor for the Bakersfield College Cheer team, reach out directly to coach Heather Spring at or by phone at 661-477-2248.