Renegades Win First Ever WSC Crossover Match

Renegades Win First Ever WSC Crossover Match

Bakersfield, CA – The first time the Bakersfield College volleyball team met with the Moorpark Raiders earlier this season ended in a sweep, the second time would be like déjà vu. The Renegades defeated MC for the first ever WSC Crossover match in a post season match up, which was decided by the conference to add the match so both the north and south western conferences could improve their RPIs before heading into playoffs.

In the first set, Moorpark got on the board first, but BC quickly went on a 4-1 run and took a hold of the lead. Bakersfield led 14-8 before the Raiders called for a much-needed timeout. MC would go on two 3-0 runs in the first set to scare the Gades a little but ultimately BC would win, 25-19.

The Renegades started on the board first. However, the second set quickly became an early back and forth battle as both teams tied at 4, 6 and 7. Bakersfield ended the tie and came back with a 6-2 run to force MC to a timeout. From there the Gades never trailed in the set but the Raiders did manage to crawl into BC's lead with a 7-0 run at 21-19. Setter Samantha Smith helped the Renegades finished the set, 25-20 with three great serves.

A long rally to start the third and final set, and it would go to the Raiders for the first point. From there another back and forth battle for both teams as they tied twice early. Moorpark takes their first lead of the night at 9-5 which forces Bakersfield to call a timeout. Into the set, both teams tied at 14, 18 and again at 20. The Raiders would only score one more point before the Renegades win the match, 25-21.

Middle blocker Tia Jules was 12 for 22 and led the team in kills for the night. While sophomore Francesca Hernandez ended the night with 25 assists.

The Renegades finished the regular season as Western State Conference Champions with an overall record of 18-1 and conference record staying undefeated (11-0). Tomorrow, the team will know who their match up will be for the start of playoffs. More information to come.

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