Men's Finish Second at WSC Championships

Men's Finish Second at WSC Championships

Bakersfield, CA - The Renegades swim team traveled to the Western State Conference Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The women finished second overall as a team. 

Results from Day 1



After day 1 the Women walked away with a season best time and named conference champions in the 400 Medley Relay and Emma Jeffries took an individual Conference Championship in the 50 Free.


1st 400 Medley Relay Zoe Amason-Vanvaley, Reiley Pike, Kristyn Feola, Emma Jeffries)


4th 200 Free Relay (Emma Jeffries, Zoe Amason Van Valey, Hopelynn Bywater, Reiley Pike)


Aydee Arredondo: 4th 500 Free

Juana Gonzalez: 16th 500 Free


Reiley Pike: 2nd 200 IM

Kristyn Feola: 4th 200 IM


Emma Jeffries: 1st 50 Free

Hopelynn Bywater: 5th 50 Free

Zoe Amason-VanValey: 6th 50 Free




Season best times for all and big relay swims.


2nd 200 Free Relay (Kenneth Hardin, Enrique Preciado, Jakob Jensen, Adam Rawlins)

2nd 400 Medley Relay (Enrique Preciado, Kenneth Hardin, Adam Rawlins, Jakob Jensen)


Steven Kertis: 12th 500 Free

Jay Hill: 6th 500 Free


Enrique Preciado: 3rd 200 IM

Evan Mcguire 9th 200 IM


Adam Rawlins: 2nd 50 Free

Kenneth Hardin: 3rd 50 Free

Jakob Jensen: 11th 50 Free

Brian Saavedra: 16th 50 Free


Day 2 Finals 


Big day for the girls, Conference Champions in the 200 Medley Relay and Reiley Pike with the individual conference Championship in the 100 Breaststroke. 


Currently sitting at 2nd in the conference after day 2. 



1st Place 200 Medley Relay 

Zoe Amason VanValey, Reiley Pike, Kristyn Feola, Emma Jeffries 


3rd 800 Free Relay 

Aydee Arredondo, Kristyn Feola, Aimee Arredondo, Hopelynn Bywater 


Kristyn Feola: 4th 400 IM 

Aimee Arredondo: 8th 400 IM 

Vaeria Santana: 9th 400 IM 


Kimberlina Gonzalez: 9th 100 Fly 

Carmen Gallegos: 12th 100 Fly 


Aydee Arredondo: 7th 200 Free 

Leslie Valle: 13th 200 Free 


Reiley Pike: 1st 100 Breaststroke 

Emma Jeffries: 3rd 100 Breaststroke 


Zoe Amason Vanvaley: 4th 100 Backstroke 

Hopelynn Bywater: 10th 100 Backstroke 




Big day for Enrique Preciado, taking home the conference championship in the 400 IM.  

Men currently sitting in 2nd place after day 2. 


2nd 200 Medley Relay 

Enrique Preciado, Kenneth Hardin, Adam Rawlins, Jakob Jensen 


4th 800 Free Relay 

Jay Hill, Steven Kertis, Ryan Roberson, Evan Mcguire 


Enrique Preciado: 1st 400 IM 

Paul Carlson: 15th 400 IM 


Adam Rawlins: 3rd 100 Fly 

Evan Mcguire: 5th 100 Fly 


Jay Hill: 7th 200 Free 

Jakob Jensen: 8th 200 Free 


Kenneth Hardin: 4th 100 Breaststroke 

Ryan Roberson: 10th 100 Breaststroke 


Brian Saavedra: 11th 100 Back 

Steven Kertis: 15th 100 Back 


400 Free Relay: 3rd 

Emma Jeffries, Zoe Amason Vanvaley, Hopelynn Bywater, Reiley Pike 


Aydee Arredondo: 3rd 1650 Free 

Aimee Arredondo: 4th 1650 Free 

Juana Gonzalez: 11th 1650 Free 


Zoe Amason Vanvaley: 8th 200 Backstroke 

Hopelynn Bywater: 12th 200 Backstroke 


Leslie Valle: 15th 100 Free 


Reiley Pike: 2nd 200 Breaststroke 

Emma Jeffries: 3rd 200 Breaststroke 

Valeria Santana: 9th 200 Breaststroke 


Kristyn Feola: 3rd 200 Fly 

Aimee Arredondo: 10th 200 Fly 

Kimberlina Gonzalez: 12th 200 Fly 

Carmen Gallegos: 13th 200 Fly 



Finished 2nd overall 


Top Individual Points

Enrique Preciado: 52 Points

Adam Rawlins: 50 Points

Kenneth Hardin: 47 Points

Jay Hill: 39 Points

Evan Mcguire: 38 Points


400 Free Relay 2nd 

Kenny Hardin 


Enrique Preciado: 3rd 200 Backstroke 

Brian Saavedra: 16th 200 Backstroke 


Adam Rawlins: 2nd 100 Free 

Jakob Jensen: 8th 100 Free 


Kenneth Hardin: 3rd 200 Breaststroke 

Ryan Roberson: 14th 200 Breaststroke 

Eric Garcia: 15th 200 Breaststroke 


Evan Mcguire: 3rd 200 Fly 

Paul Carlson: 12th 200 Fly 


Swimming will wait on State placing later this week. You can view the full results here.

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