(L-R) Top Row: Ryen Nikkel, Aleyah Wandick, Skylar O’Donnell, Skylar Sessions, Karlee Nelson, Kylea Valencia, Marissa Garcia, Elizabeth Hale

(L-R) Middle Row: Natalie Azevedo, Emmie Butterworth, Kristina Molina, Amber Vasquez, Rebecca Rheiner, Sinica Villa, Jordan Villanueva, Hannah Morales

(L-R) Bottom Row: Tayanna Chavez, Mia Larroque, Alyssa Espinoza, Cierra Cisneros, Jasmine Garcia, Jade Lancaster, Elaynie Delarmente

Not Pictured: Audrey Anderson



Heather Spring


2020-21 BC Cheer Virtual Tryouts

What will tryouts look like this year?                                                            


Tryout week: May 18th-May 21st, 2020                                                       

Tryouts this year will take place virtually. This means everything will be taught and submitted electronically. Each eligible participant will download the BAND app, and find our “class” titled, “BC CHEER TRYOUTS 2020”. (If downloading an app is not an option for you, we will provide another way, must contact coach)  Once you are in the class on BAND app, there is a checklist and clinic schedule.  All tryouts, video tutorials, your submissions and requirements will be fulfilled there!


Who is eligible to tryout and what are the requirements?

-Graduating seniors, current or incoming Bakersfield College students

-Have a current 2.0 GPA (or passing)

-Plan to be a full time BC student for the 2020-2021 school year

-Commit to the team for the duration of entire season (May 2020-May 2021)

-Cheer IS a PHED class, if you make the team, you are required to be registered in our class

-Have ability to purchase your uniform and pay camp fee (fundraising available!)

-Turn in application, transcripts, and 2 video tryouts ALL before Thursday May 21st at 11:59pm


Tryout Steps:

  • STEP 1: Download BAND app, find and add “BC Cheer Tryouts 2020”  Link to group here
  • STEP 2: Sign in by commenting your name and email address on the “Sign in” post!
  • STEP 3: Watch Information meeting, will be posted 8:00am May 18th.
  • STEP 3: Fill out Cheer Application.
  • STEP 4: Unofficial Transcripts. (photo/screen shot of transcripts will work)
  • STEP  5: Send application and transcripts in private chat to Coach PRIOR to sending videos. You will also answer an interview question in this message.
  • STEP 6: Attend the clinic week by watching videos and use live feeds provided for additional help.
  • STEP 7: Send 2 videos in on BAND app, private chat to coach. (before May 21st, 11:59pm) 


Tryout Clinic Schedule

Monday May 18th

8:00am Information Video Meeting Posted (Watch!)

12:00pm Cheers Video Clinic Posted

1:00pm LIVE Cheers Video breakdown


Tuesday May 19th

12:00pm BC Dance Video Clinic Posted

1:00pm LIVE BC Dance Video breakdown


Wednesday May 20th

12:00pm “What should your videos look like” Video Posted

1:00pm LIVE Review, Cheers and Dance


Thursday May 21st:

12:00pm Judges Intro Video Posted



Due before 11:59pm YOUR VIDEO SUBMISSION!  2 Videos Due

  • Video 1. Introduction with name, BC Cheers, BC Dance
  • Video 2. YOUR dance, 3 high kicks each side, any extra skills; tumbling, jumps, flyer stretches, etc.


Friday May 22nd,

  • Results Posted at 1:00pm



  • IN BAND app Sign in on “Sign in” post, with name and email so we know YOU have committed to trying out!
  • You DO NOT have to go to the Live Feeds, but we will be there to teach and answer questions.
  • You can join in on the BAND app to tryout until, May 21st! As long as you meet all the requirements, learn the material and submit your tryout by 11:59pm.


What do I wear in my video? Appropriate attire for Cheer Tryouts:

  • Plain shorts/leggings. (black, white or red color preferred)
  • Plain T-shirts/Tank. (black, white or red color preferred. no mid-drift showing, no logos)
  • White socks with athletic shoes.
  • NO JEWELRY, including body jewelry


Judges will consist of 5 cheer and dance professionals, and BC Cheer Alumni.

There will be a short video posted on Thursday, May 21st introducing your judges and what they are looking for in our future Renegade Cheerleaders!


If I were to make the team, what are the requirements after that?

Once you make the team, you will receive an email from the Coach with your BC Cheerleader packet. You will be invited to add our new BAND app class as well. This is where we will communicate, teach, and learn from. Due to COVID-19, there is no set date for when gathering as a group can occur. BUT we will still be a team, and move forward learning and bonding together, even if we can’t be in physical contact just yet.


What is the average cost to be part of the team?

The average cost to be a BC Cheerleader is anywhere from $800-1,200. Men’s costs are lower ($400-800). The cost includes full uniform, customized cheer package items YOU WILL KEEP, and the cost of cheer camp. Our hopes are to compete for the 2020-2021 school year, additional costs could apply later for competition fees. ALL of these financial obligations can be paid for with fundraising and sponsorships!


CONTACT: Coach Heather Spring (Foss)

661-477-2248 (Tesxt for quickest response)