Renegade Athletics Mission Statement

To compete for championships; provide a frst-class studentathlete experience; cultivate students who complete academic goals or transfer to four-year institutions; and serve as a source of pride for the College and Community. 


Goal 1 - Support Academic and Athletic Excellence  

Renegade Athletics commits to provide a clear path to success and completion for student-athletes in a championship-focused environment. 

Goal 2 - Enhance the Quality of the Renegade Student Experience

Renegade Athletics is committed to providing a comprehensive, positive experience for student-athletes.

Goal 3 - Develop a Culture of Organizational Excellence and Community

Renegade Athletics is committed to promote a civil and collegial environment that values diversity and inclusion, respect for others, and accountability.

Goal 4 - Maximize Athletic Facilities and Resources

Renegade Athletics will maintain high quality practice and playing conditions for all athletic facilities and grounds to maximize resources. 

Goal 5 - Strengthen Marketing and Community Engagement

Renegade Athletics is committed to maintaining a positive, high profle status in the community and to increase attendance for all sport events.