Mission Statement

Bakersfield College Athletics is recognized as a comprehensive and preeminent community college environment where student success is valued.  Established in 1922, Renegade Athletics continues to enrich the lives or our students, community and alumni providing a common source of pride & tradition. 

The mission of the Athletic Department is to facilitate student success through sport, to provide equitable opportunities for student-athletes and staff regardless of gender, ethnic background or sexual orientation. To accomplish this mission, we will:

  • Prepare students with the skills to succeed in the classroom and on the playing fields.
  • Anticipate and prepare students to meet the challenges of progression and completion in academia.
  • Establish relationships with higher educational institutions to promote and facilitate transfer of student athletes to continue their Athletic career.
  • Commit to providing Athletic Facilities with up to date amenities.
  • Provide leadership skills to enable students to become successful leaders in the community.


Bakersfield College Athletics

Since 1922